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My Transformation Journey

I have spent most of my life being active and health conscious. I ran track, played sports and worked within the fitness industry for many years on and off while I worked as a Corporate Accountant. There was no doubt that health and fitness were a part of my life.


As overwhelming obstacles came over I was a mother of three teenagers, a wife of a Firefighter (911 survivor), a corporate executive, an Entrepreneur, a caretaker for my aging mother, and a voluntary "Stress Absorber” for the rest of the needy world to boot, as well....there just came NO time left for me.

I became less active and was swallowed up by the stress surrounding me ...that I put my fitness, health and wellbeing goals on hold.

My health was becoming high risk after experiencing several health complications which ultimately lead me to a life threatening diagnosis of Breast Cancer. 

It now came time for me to step up and to fight my hardest battle….and to finally put myself first.

With this diagnoses…that I would call… “A Blessing”… and with God in my corner...

I was ready to put those gloves on, get into that ring and fight.


While going through my cancer treatments, I met a Holistic Health Coach, who mentored and guided me toward my transformation journey. I knew that it wasn't going to be easy as I had to battle through many obstacles. He took his time, observed and studied my case very carefully. He pushed me and stood firm on not allowing me to make excuses. He prescribed me an effective program that included exercise, detoxing, and a long-term daily diet plan that would also include anti-cancer/disease fighting nutrition.

As a result I learned to condition myself and to turn down those emotional inhibitors

I prayed a lot, and l learned how to kick up that mental focus…that discipline I needed…

to accomplish an effective and powerful transformation.

One year in remission later....I am proud to say that I made made a 360 degree Body, Mind, and Health Transformation.  

With a balanced life and the support of an amazing family, my Mentor

and of course, my faithful struggles..I have now reinstated my self back into the Wellness Industry with full force.

Today I am more than just A Cancer Survivor..I am a Health Warrior!

An advocate for the achievements of Wellness and Carrying out what I have learned to helping others do the same.

By obtaining an education, certifications and coaching practices in, multiple Fitness Categories, Nutrition levels, and Studies in Behavior change, Mental, and Emotional Wellbeing, and also, with a license in Aesthetic Health...I created“ The Longevity Lounge”

My practices and specializations are based on an Anti-aging and Health Transformation Process.

My goal as a professional and as an athlete is to advocate Wellness by effectively developing a long-term program for individuals who struggle to achieve optimal fitness, health, mental and emotional wellbeing, and to encourage a vision of longevity.


Hiking the de Santis Mountain

in the Appenzell Alps

Saint Gallen,Switzerland

July 28, 2017

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