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Strength Training 


A Customized training program will be developed for individuals who want to change or challenge their current fitness levels and Goals.


 The Fitness Lounge focuses on  strategically developed Strength Training program to help take you out of your comfort level. The challenges in the program are designed to effectively make you fitter, stronger,leaner and more confident. Transforming not only your physical state but your mental state as well. 


 As a fitness professional, practitioner and Self-Transformer, my goal is to teach and guide you to appreciate the real benefits of fitness and how to apply it everyday in your life.  

Group Training ranges from  Calisthenic Body Weight Training, MMA Conditioning/KickBoxing, to Strength & Conditioning and yes, we even like to throw in some Power Yoga moves to sweeten the variety.

The assistance of modalities and equipment will also be available to modify and/or challenge particular movements.

Home Training

Crossfit Class

You will get the same customized Training Program provided to you in the comfort of your home or facility. You can be sure that you will be fully satisfied with a home program designed to challange you to a higher fitness level and to help meet your needs and goals.



Survivor Strong Program 
53 Everyone has a story. We go up and do

In developing this program I was undergoing treatments for Breast Cancer. Being a fitness guru for many years it gave me the idea to find ways to challenge my body so that I could recover quickly after treatments. It then became a way of life for me as I grew stronger, healthier and more confident in the transformation of my physical and mental well being.


Survivor strong is not just about the physical exercise or diet guidance or even about illnesses. Its about pushing through the mental challenges that prevent our bodies from developing that physical change we are looking to successfully accomplish while at the same time creating a healthy internal power to supplement our ability to practice as a life long goal.


Survivor strong is not limited to Cancer Survivors. This program is designed to safely challenge and motivate anyone struggling with obesity, depression, debilitating illnesses and injuries, or anything that may be  preventing one from participating in physical activity.


Built on an Integrated Training program to address an individuals functional and structural capacity. This approach will combine all the components necessary to help achieve optimum performance in your daily life.


Progression is the focus as you will be monitored and instructed to successfully challenge your mind and body in ways you never thought possible. 




Integrated Training Programs

 All Levels & All ages

Core Strength


Weight Lifting

Flexibility  Balance  & Corrective Exercise 

Warrior Two
Senior Physiotherapy

Strength  Endurance & Performance

Train & Condition to be at the top of your Sport

Core Fitness
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Running Team
Weight Training
Rope Workout
Crossfit Exercise
Boxing Gloves
Training Session
Boxing Session

Kickboxing Training & Conditioning

Fight Smart Learn 

Self Defense Techniques



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